Lifting equipment residual life

      • The new Ministerial Decree of April 11, 2011 (implemented on May 24, 2012) has made it compulsory for cranes over 20 years to undergo further investigative surveys, e.g. a structural assessment aimed at identifying any defects, faults, or anomalies and identifying the equipment’s remaining life.For remaining life we mean the calculation of the residual life cycles which remain on a crane, as opposed to the CLASS established by the manufacturer.

        The novelty introduced, is that the additional investigation should be presented by the employer to the Officer in charge of the periodic verification, and not by the latter.

        Therefore, when the crane is 20 years old, the employer must have a structural engineer perform a structural verification of the equipment.

        Eng. MONACO is an expert technician who can carry out such assessments in order to issue the DECLARATION OF RESIDUAL LIFE.