The issue of Decree 271/99 represents a major legal step for the implementation of the standards related to quality systems and integrated management in the maritime sector, already introduced in the recent past in other industrial sectors.

From this point of view, the decree represents a new operational tool aimed at defining the means, resources, responsibilities, procedures, and organization necessary to implement and manage a system for the safety of maritime work by a single company, concerning any aspect of maritime navigation, such as the quality of the service, environmental protection, safety of the “ship” system, and those regarding the security and health of the maritime workers and accident prevention.

Eng. MONACO is a member of the technical staff authorized to draw up ‘Workplace Safety Plans’ for the working environment on board and is responsible for carrying out technical surveys for the drafting of Safety Plans, as provided by Legislative Decree no. 271 of 27.07.1999, and its subsequent amendments.

The Firm provides technical advice and support to train on board personnel and organizes training audits both for on board and land personnel