Since 1989, MONACONAVI, has enriched its activity in the world of yachting by collaborating with leading Italian and International shipyards.

Eng. MONACO is the promoter of the first EC national regulations for pleasure craft. In 2003, he launched the RINA Agency no. IC5 and created a network of NES RINA technicians (Exclusive Surveyor – RINA) in Sardinia.

Eng. MONACO is an expert in the leisure boating sector, and provides technical advice and nautical expertise.

MONACONAVI offers high quality engineering and consulting services which seeks to meet all the clients’ needs in a timely fashion.

Eng. MONACO has long been involved in Energy Saving as applied to pleasure craft and their related certification.

MONACONAVI is involved in the following sectors:

Yachts engineering

Counselling and Assessments

Safety Management System

Green Plus (Y) certification