MONACONAVI provides customers with an engineering service for yacht design and on-board systems.

MONACONAVI develops the specific construction techniques, designs all the structural and plant installations, as well as outfitting parts of the vessel, paying particular attention to energy saving factors. It also drafts owner’s manuals.

The firm employs a team of 3D CAD/CAM operators who study on-board spaces, interference, ergonomics, and any other means which may improve the vessel.

MONACONAVI uses this specialization to provide the following services to its clients:

  • feasibility studies;
  • Preliminary designs/ executive renderings;
  • Drafting technical specifications for construction/reparations;
  • Hull studies;
  • Design of on board systems;
  • Structural analysis;
  • Hydrostatics and Hydrodynamics;
  • Trim and stability calculations;
  • Five-year ship weightings;
  • Sea trials; and
  • Owner’s manuals